RAW Podcast

Storytelling Through A Lens With Kristy Wolfe

December 15, 2021
RAW Podcast
Storytelling Through A Lens With Kristy Wolfe
Show Notes

On this episode of RAW Podcast, Sarah sits down with Kristy Wolfe

Kristy’s experience as a medical mom lies at the heart of her passion for documentary-style photography. Based in Canmore, Alberta with her husband and two sons, Kristy has been telling stories through photography for the past 9 years. 

Kristy's background as a teacher inspires her love for mentoring others. Her most recent projects, including her online courses and her digital storytelling workshops, are about teaching others, both kids and adults, how to narrate their own experiences through photography and digital storytelling.

Kristy invites you to check out all the amazing projects, creations, courses, and much more. See all the details below.

The best place to find out what Kristy is up to is through her linktree bio
or see her live each month during the Leading Through Storie's conversations with Mary & Helen www.instagram.com/leadingthroughstories

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